How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint on Mac

No doubt that PowerPoint, with its vividness and interactivity, wins the place of the most popular presentation form both in business and academic occasions. However, PDF is also a popular format of file storage. Many people would share PPT-origin PDF file online as PDF is a more compact format. But other people would probably prefer to use it in PPT format and add audio and video effect to enhance and personalize it.To enrich the content of their PowerPoint, presenters would quote diagrams and extract images from PDF files. If there are a great many of them, it would take much time to do print screen or screenshot repetitively and insert them into PowerPoint. These are situations when you need to build a bridge between PDF to PowerPoint.In fact, the best solution for these situations is to convert PDF to PowerPoint. Mac users find it more difficult to make that goal, as there is only few PDF to PowerPoint converters in Window OS. Dont be worried, AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint for Mac provides solutions for Mac users.

AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint for Mac is an easy-to-use application to create PowerPoint presentations from PDF files on Mac OS X. Just download and install it on your Mac. Launch the program and choose Evaluate to have a free trial of the program. Then follow the 3 simple steps below to convert PDF to PowerPoint on Mac now:

Step 1 Import


How to get video to ipad for mac

The iPad has launched great. There has been a lot of news and there are a lot of people behind the scenes trying to make it a success and a lot of other who are putting up similar products of the type. But, whats so great about the iPad? Well there are a lot of things which may be good about the product itself, but whats good for most of the people who are using it is that there are a load of applications which are coming right up faster than you may have known.

Now the new iPad is really a much better device to enjoy videos and movies than any previous version of the iPod and iPhone, this should due to its bigger screen and landscape orientation. But many folks encountered lots of problems, the most outstanding issue is the formats can’t supported by iPad. As an Apple site editor, after searched and read many articles and reviews, I write out this article on how to convert video to ipad for mac.

The following tutorial I will show you how to convert video to ipad for mac.


Mac Dvd To Mkv Ripper – Compress Dvd Movies To Mkv Video Files On A Mac Easily


The iSkysoft DVD Ripper for Mac is a real Swiss Army knife of DVD conversion available for ripping/converting . Unlike Handbrake, which needs the assistance of a third software to deal with commercial DVDs with copy protection, this iSkysoft program can rip contents off the copy-protected commercial DVDs directly and convert the contents to a wide range of digital video format like MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, 3GP etc. Furthermore, this program comes with additional features such as, video editing, subs/audio tracks selecting, output parameters (encode, resolution, etc.) setting and more. Read on to learn how to use this decent Mac DVD to MKV converter to make your DVDs change into the streaming videos (.MKV) for use on the internet.


1. iSkysoft DVD Ripper for Mac. .
2. DVDs (DVD disc, DVD folder, DVD IFO file or DVD media file).
3. DVD-Rom.


Adobe Photoshop for Mac Sorting out the Various Versions

As an Internet marketer, you may find it necessary from time to time to create or edit some web graphicseven if you think you cant draw or paint your way out of a paper bag. The World Wide Web is, after all, a graphical medium, and it’s hard to create an attractive webpage without some graphicsgraphics for headers, for banners, for illustrations, for screenshots, for e-book covers, for logos, and so on.

If you have absolutely no artistic talent, you may want to hire a professional graphic designer for your more important projects. However, this does not mean that you will not need to make some quick edits from time to time. Perhaps you will want to change the resolution of an image to better fit a web page. Perhaps you will want to crop down a photograph. Maybe you want to add call outs to a screenshot image, or improve the contrast on a photograph. These tasks, while simple, will require some image editing tools and know-how.

As with all aspects of our digital age, in the area of digital image editing you can stay as simple or get as complicated as you like. There are two paths you can take in choosing image editing toolsthe pay way and the free way. Fortunately, on the Mac, your choices are broad.


Pro Flight Simulator For Mac – The Most Convincing And Innovative Sim Of Them All!

It’s possible you’ll already understand there are several Flight Simulator For Mac games in the market, but a majority of of them won’t fulfill your expectations. Having said that, it is possible to still enjoy the best Flight Simulator For Macs available in the market should you be mindful in addition to analytical as well. All you should understand is what qualities an outstanding flight game will need to feature. You need to get a flight simulator that doesn’t destroy your dream of becoming an airplane pilot. Horrible flight Sims can achieve this.

Find a simulator which matches the needs you have. The best Flight Simulator For Mac will definitely first of all contain stunning visuals. Some of such products include dreadful aesthetic capabilities which don’t inspire you to fly. They’re visual capabilities that will be common for a high-quality flight simulator. The sharp graphics for your actual flight sim must be able to provide real topographical capabilities and scenes. This will add the feel of real-world to your game. Playing it could actually make it definitely feel like it is real. Stay away from video games that will make it look like you’re flying in the virtual world.

Locate a Flight Simulator For Mac which: