Convert YouTube to MP3 on your Mac for free

On YouTube one can find latest music hits, movie soundtracks, interesting interviews or lectures etc. All these records are available for free, but how we can load them to our iPod, iPad, iPhone, or any other portable player?

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter for Mac OS X will download YouTube video to your Mac and convert it to MP3 or WAV. The program is capable of saving the source video file in the MP4 format on your computer without ripping its audio, so it can be used as a YouTube video downloader. Just select the video quality that you prefer (Full HD, 720p HD, DVD quality etc.), and the program will automatically download videos with the specified settings.

However, the primary purpose of the program is converting YouTube to MP3, which it does by default. If you have found a YouTube video that you’d like to convert to MP3, copy the web-address of the page from your browser and start Free YouTube to MP3 Converter. The program will automatically recognize the address and add the video to its list, showing some basic details about the video. Add more videos in the same way if needed, then simply click the “Download” button on the toolbar. The YouTube videos will be downloaded, converted to MP3 and saved locally.


How To Convert And Add Files In Mkv To Itunes On Mac Os X (lion Included)

Many online videos are distributed ina multimedia container format, say,MKV (matroska video) forma. You cansmoothlyplay MKV files with QuickTime with Mac Perian installed, and VLC player is a nice choice for MKV files playback as well. If you want to upload MKV files to iTunes library, either for organization or for syncing to your iPad, iPod or iPhone, you need to convert MKV files to iTunes friendly formats, like QuickTime MOV.
Perian for Mac + QuickTime Pro is a workaround for MKV to iTunes conversion, but its not a surefire way to do the conversion. And whats more, it can be really time consuming. To convert and import MKV movies to iTunes on Mac OS X, this professional yet easy-to-use gives you a hassle free experience.

How to convert and add files in MKV to iTunes on Mac OS X (Lion included)
Step1. Added MKV files to the MKV to iTunes Mac program
This app enables you to drag & drop MKV files to the program. Or you need to go to File menu, choose Add Video/Audio files to locate the MKV files you want to add. If you want to enjoy the batch conversion, just add several files at one time.

Step 2. Select an output format
Now you should go to the format drop-down list, choose iTunes friendly format as the output video format. MOV is a nice choice.


Craigslist Pva – Your Mac Address & Phone Verified Accounts

If you use Craigslist PVA then you no doubt know that Craigslist is on a seemingly endless hunt to block and suspend accounts that it believes are being used incorrectly. There is a lot of talk about just what exactly puts phone verified accounts at Craigslist on hold and some of the most commonly believed reasons are IP activity, abuse and over posting to just name a few. One often overlooked way that your activity on Craigslist can potentially be tracked is via your computers MAC address.

A MAC address is a unique identifier or ID that is assigned to network devices. This means that the method you use to connect to the internet with, cable, DSL, dialup, wireless etc, has its own MAC address. This is much like your computers IP, however, unlike an IP which can be changed easily a MAC address doesn’t or very rarely changes. Depending on who you ask, some believe that it is possible for Craigslist to detect the MAC address of your computer while you are on their site. If you believe this to be true, then the obvious question is can you change your MAC address?

MAC addresses as assigned to your network card or network device. To change them you have two possible solutions. The first is to change your network device. You could plug in a new network adapter or use a different modem to connect to the internet. A much easier solution is to use software which can spoof your MAC address. This software simply allows you to change the MAC address without having to actually replace the piece of hardware.


Mac Locks Secure Your Computer and Leave You in Peace of Mind

If you have been using a dorm room for sometime, chances are that you or a friend of you might have lost Macbook. The Macbook thefts are a common complaint from dorms and schools. You may be wondering how in spite of using a macbook lock it can be taken away by thieves. Well, not all the mac locks are designed as thief proof devices. In fact no lock can be a hundred per cent foolproof.

Take any brand of mac locks, theyd be designed to make it difficult for the thieves to steal the macbook. And as a rule of the thssumb should stealing take more than a couple of minutes, it isnt stealworthy in the eyes of thieves and they would just give their catch a big pass.

Especially consider a crowded school or a library or train or similar areas where crowd is anticipated. If you should be constantly eyeing on your macbook, it makes pretty difficult for the thief to use a cutter to unlock the computer without having anyone go noticing the thief.


M4V Converter for Mac is able to Keep AC3 audio track

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IntactHD M4V Converter comes along with its major update on Jul 03, 2014, which can keep AC3 audio track(5.1 surrounding audio track) for the output files. In the new version of IntactHD M4V Converter, the first improvement is audio quality, which can keep AC3 audio track(5.1 surrounding audio track) for the output files. IntactHD M4V Converter is also focus on enhancing the conversion speed and system stability. The full version has also fixed a series of bugs based on user feedbacks. IntactHD M4V Converter is quite an easy-to-use iTunes video Converter for Mac users. It can help you to convert purchased iTunes M4V files to MP4 and decrypt the DRM protections from iTunes movie rentals. And you can play the converted videos on any MP4 player devices as you like. General features Remove iTunes DRM protection Convert iTunes M4V videos at fastest speed Convert iTunes purchased M4V videos Convert iTunes movies rentals Retain subtitles and audio tracks Convert multi-language video files Support batch conversion Convert HD videos with lossless quality Users could worry less about the use of intactHD M4V Converter. It is an easy-use-to tool which just takes three or four steps to convert M4V to MP4 simply. If you are unsure about this tool, please refer to its documentation. New version can run on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, which is the latest version of Mac OS, and is also compatible with Mac OS X 10.7.5, 10.8 and 10.9. The trial version is free to anyone and it can support 3-minute converted each file. Know more info to click the following link: . About IntactHD Inc. : IntactHD Inc. is a software company that offers iTunes M4V video conversion solutions. With expertise and experience in iTunes video converter tools, its mainly products M4V converter software do well in converting m4v video you purchased or rent to QuickTime MOV, iPod, iPhone format with high speed and great quality. Main product: IntactHD M4V Converter Contact Info: Name: Vic Carlos Address: 750 West Boulevard, Chipley, Florida, United States of America Zip code: 518009 Email: Website: